A Dubai economic survey has revealed positive expectations for exporting companies operating in Dubai this year.

The study, which was conducted during the first quarter of this year, based on a questionnaire in which a sample of 504 companies in the Emirate of Dubai, representing different industrial and commercial sectors, expected to increase the volume of sales and new orders, in addition to increasing employment and profits.

The study, which was obtained by Emirates Today on the occasion of the organization of Dubai Exports, one of Dubai's economic institutions, an expanded trade mission to Rwanda to explore trade cooperation opportunities, showed that although sales price expectations have declined, sales forecasts have declined. Exports on a quarterly and annual basis have improved remarkably, noting that the business community in Dubai is less optimistic than exporting companies that have achieved remarkable results with a composite index of confidence in the business climate.

According to the study, 119 companies operating in the manufacturing, trade and services sector, export-oriented from Dubai, reported that their performance was better than those oriented to the local market during the first quarter of this year, especially in terms of sales prices, sales volumes and employment, and wage levels. Profits and new purchase orders.

The study pointed out that at least 24% of the companies participating in the study, reported that their sales volumes increased during the first quarter of this year, while 41% of participating companies reported a decline in sales.

Companies can use the Exporters Portal, an information platform that uses an innovative combination of digital content and technology solutions to serve exporters, help them develop national exports, raise competitiveness, and use export as a catalyst for the growth of national enterprises' business towards a diversified economy.

She pointed out that Dubai's export companies are seeking to build strategic alliances to support re-exports from Dubai and to take advantage of its strategic location as a global trading center and a vital platform for export and re-export.

It is noteworthy that Dubai's economy seeks to help private sector companies operating in the country to open the doors of foreign markets for its products, and to enter the promising and new markets and seize the opportunities that abound, as it strengthens the efforts of UAE exporters through its export institution, enabling them to build partnerships and trade Between the business community in different countries of the world and promote joint trade and investment cooperation.

Exporters Portal

Dubai's economy has called on exporters to use the exporters portal that can help national companies identify export-ready opportunities, market their products and facilitate access to international markets, through the services they provide.

She pointed out that the portal is a guide to enable national companies and institutions to expand their business, move towards global competition, and make Dubai the global export capital, through the development of national exports and stimulate the growth of business associated with national institutions, leading to a more diversified economy.


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