Local financial markets continued their strong rally for the second day in a row yesterday, supported by the leading stock segment, which improved prices further increased the appetite for trading.

As the market continued to rise, the market capitalization of the traded stocks boosted gains by AED 15.3 billion at the close.

The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) general index rose to 5130 points, up 2.67%, during the last quarter of yesterday's session, while the Dubai Financial Market General Index closed at 2751 points, an increase of 0.82%, compared to the day before yesterday.

«Emaar Properties» shares rose by 4.95 AED, followed by «Emaar Development» closed at 4.17 AED, while shares rose Dubai Islamic Bank to 5.10 dirhams.

On the other hand, support in the Abu Dhabi Securities Market came from First Abu Dhabi Bank, which jumped to 15.48 dirhams amid large transactions worth more than 127 million dirhams, in addition to Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank closed at 8.35 dirhams, while «Etisalat» rose to 16.52 AED

«Emaar Properties» reaches 4.95 AED ..

First Abu Dhabi jumped to 15.48 dirhams.