Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has been sued by a customer who has placed an order for 35 737 MAX models, who have not been allowed to fly since March. The Russian aircraft leasing company Avia is thus the first Boeing customer to sue the company, writes the Financial Times .

Avia is suing the American aircraft manufacturer for breach of contract and in this way wants to come out of the order of the aircraft.

The devices of the type have been grounded worldwide since mid-March. A flight ban for the 737 MAX was imposed after two plane accidents in a short time, in which 346 people died. The order from Avia comes from before.

Boeing has since been trying to solve the software problem that caused the accidents. That solution still needs to be approved, and it seems that this may not happen until next year.

"Boeing withheld critical information"

According to the Russian company, the accidents were the result of "negligent acts and decisions by Boeing". The aircraft manufacturer would not only have designed "defective" aircraft, but also withheld "critical information" during the US safety regulator's certification of the 737 MAX.

Then, according to Avia, Boeing also deliberately withheld information for customers, according to the indictment filed in Chicago on Monday.

The company states that it paid 35 million dollars (more than 31 million euros) for the order. Avia now wants that amount back, with interest, and demands an amount of $ 75 million for lost profits. In addition, Boeing wants to pay a fine.

Boeing has not yet given an official comment.


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