The Ministry of Economy revealed the availability of «back to school» goods in 1650 various outlets in the state markets, with discounts ranging between 20 and 50%.

Dr. Hashem Al Nuaimi, Director of Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy, told reporters in Abu Dhabi yesterday that he stressed during a series of meetings with major outlets in the UAE during the past period, not to exploit the demand for school supplies and stationery to increase prices without justification.

He explained that the ministry is currently implementing a plan to deal with markets, in preparation for the return to school season, pointing out that the plan takes into account the burden on families, not to exploit consumers, and the provision of shopping malls and libraries school goods at affordable prices.

Al-Naimi said that the introduction of school season goods in various outlets, leads to a large competition results primarily on consumers in terms of prices and the diversity of purchasing options available, noting that most of these centers have offered offers and discounts at different rates to attract dealers.

Al-Naimi called on consumers to activate the initiative «consumer watched», and communicate with the call center of consumer protection, as well as communication with the local departments concerned, in the absence of any school commodity or the presence of unjustified rise in prices.

He pointed to the imposition of fines ranging between 5000 and 100 thousand dirhams in the case of raising prices without justification, as well as obliging the sales outlet not to lift the commodity from the outlet, and return prices to their previous levels.

He stressed that the outlets will be subject to intensive control by the Department of Consumer Protection throughout the school year, to verify the continued commitment not to raise prices, and provide various special needs for schools at reasonable prices, while continuing to offer competitive offers.

Availability of goods «Back to school» at 1650 outlets.