NY stock price rise August 27th 6:29 on the view that US-China trade negotiations resume

The New York Stock Market on the 26th day of the week was repurchased in view of the resumption of trade negotiations between the United States and China, where the conflict was intensifying, and the Dow average share price rose $ 270 compared to last weekend.

The closing price of the New York Stock Market Average on the 26th was 25,898,83 cents, 269.93 cents higher than last weekend.

Although the Dow average stock price dropped by more than $ 600 last Friday, concerns were eased because President Trump's idea of ​​resuming negotiations with China on this day eased, and the move to buy back the lowered stocks preceded, At one time, there was a scene where it rose more than $ 300.

Also, during a press conference held during the trading time, President Trump made a positive statement at the summit meeting with Iran, which also had a confrontation, which led to a rise in stock prices.

On the other hand, in the foreign exchange market, the yen purchase weakened and the yen depreciated.

Market officials said, “Investor concerns remain strong in the US-China trade negotiations, with China's reaction inconsistent with President Trump ’s remarks. Talking. "