Asian stocks fell across the board due to intensified trade friction between the US and China August 26, 11:55

The stock market in Asia on the 26th of this week has spread in the region immediately after the start of trading due to concerns that trade friction between the United States and China will become even more intense, and stock prices have dropped.

Of these, the stock market in Shanghai, China, has fallen by approximately 1.2% compared to the closing price last weekend, at 11:30 am Japan time, the “comprehensive index” of the typical stock index.

In the stock market in other Asian countries, Hong Kong's stock price index has fallen significantly by 3.1% compared to the closing price last weekend, Taiwan is about 1.7%, South Korea is about 1.6%, and Singapore is The price has dropped around 1.5%.

Market officials said, “While China has announced a countermeasure to add tariffs on imported goods from the United States, there is concern that the conflict between the two countries will become even more intense as President Trump's policy to retaliate immediately In the Hong Kong market, some of the demonstrators and the police collided again over protests, and the confusion that the police fired pistols for intimidation also spurred a fall in stock prices. "