Dubai Economy, represented by the Commercial Registration and Licensing Sector, has achieved outstanding results for the “Automatic Renewal” service for commercial licenses during the first half of this year, where it completed 34,250 automatic renewal transactions, which represents 47% of the total renewal transactions (73,404 transactions). This confirms the sustainability and competitiveness of business in Dubai The Dubai Economic Department said in a statement yesterday that the automatically renewed licenses were distributed according to activity, as follows: Commercial activities (25 thousand and 71 licenses) by 73.2%, and professional (8237 licenses) by 24%, while industrial activities constituted 2.2%, and tourism 0.6 %.


The report issued by the Commercial Registration and Licensing Sector showed that the limited liability companies issued the list of the legal form of the automatically renewed licenses, numbering 23,316 licenses followed by an individual establishment (7,500 licenses) and then civil works (1698).

Legal forms also included a limited liability company - one person, a branch of a company based in another emirate, a branch of a foreign company, a branch of a company / corporation based in a free zone, a branch of a Gulf company, a joint venture, a simple recommendation, a private shareholding, a public shareholding , Government Liaison Office.

Highlights of activities

According to the distribution of economic activities for automatically renewed licenses during the first half of 2019, the report showed the most prominent commercial activities as follows: General Trading activity, followed by Perfume and Cosmetics Trading, Ready Made Garments, Gift Trading and Aamal Dyes and Paints »,« Watches and Spare Parts Trading »,« Textiles and Textile Trade »,« Floor and Wall Tiling »,« Carpentry and Flooring », and« Sanitary and Fittings ».

Payment of fees

Dubai Economic Department said that customers can pay the fees for the automatic renewal service via electronic payment through the website of Dubai Economy,, DED Business Smart App, or the second generation e-Dirham. They can also pay cash or checks through authorized service centers and the following banks: Emirates Islamic, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Noor Bank and Afaq Finance, as well as direct debit through the customer's own account through Commercial Bank of Dubai, Dubai Islamic Bank and Bank Mashreq and Emirates Islamic.

She added that all licensees must update their personal data with the Dubai Economy, so that the registration and licensing sector team can provide services more effectively.

She pointed out that there are four of the economic activities of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, which is not covered by the advanced automatic renewal service, namely: passenger transport by public taxi, passenger transport by luxury cars, car rental and passenger transport services with non-emergency cases, in addition to two activities of the Department of Tourism and Commercial Promotion These are: organizing inbound tours and organizing outbound tours.

Two steps

According to the Dubai Economic Department, through the “Automatic Renewal” service, the process of renewing commercial licenses is simplified and developed in two steps and in less than two minutes. A text message with the license number to be renewed can be sent to 6969, and a “payment authorization” will be sent via SMS to the customer. He can pay the fees at any of the manual or electronic payment outlets through the link provided in the text message.

She explained that the service «automatic renewal» is to send a text message to the owners of commercial licenses, informing them of the date of renewal of licenses (a week before the expiration of the license), channels to obtain the service, and how to complete the renewal procedures automatically.

She added that the service covers more than 2,200 commercial activities, equivalent to 99.8% of commercial licenses and all legal forms in the Emirate of Dubai, pointing out that customers can through the automatic renewal service from the Dubai Economy renew the license for more than one year, and a maximum of four years provided that The lease is valid.