Professional Baseball Leader Softbank Lotte 3 consecutive defeats August 25 22:50

Six games of professional baseball were played, and Softbank, the leader of Pacific League, lost three consecutive losses to Lotte, fourth.

Pacific League

《Lotte vs. Softbank》
Lotte won 4-3.
Lotte won seven times in a one-on-one match between Uchino Goro, and Suzuki won two points in a timely two-base with a chance of a third base, giving three points this time.
Taneichi pitched 8 hits with 4 hits and 2 goals.
Lotte is 3 consecutive wins.

Softbank's relief team collapsed, resulting in three consecutive losses.

《Seibu vs. Rakuten》
Rakuten won 14-2.
Rakuten won the first time with a two-point timely two-base of the brush player, and added four points for the fifth time, including Asamura's No. 28 Touran.
14 points are the most this season.
Pitcher Ishibashi made his sixth victory with two runs for 6 runs.

Seibu collapsed the pitchers, including the starting pitcher Tokame.

《Orix vs Nippon Ham》
Nippon Ham won 6: 1.
Nippon Ham was three times out of the way, and Kondo's center overball became the center ball, but in the meantime two runners returned and scored two points first.
After this, the lead was steadily expanded five times with Nakata's two-point timely two-base.
Kaneko pitched 5 times with 5 goals and 5 runs.

Orix did not stick with Takeyasu's pitcher 5 times in the middle of 6 runs.

Se League

《Giant vs. DeNA》
DeNA won 3-0.
DeNA got three points ahead of time with Otosaka's timely, and Otosaka's timely three bases in the seventh, and No. 32 solo in the top of Soto's league in the eighth.
Imanaga pitched 6 times and scored the 12th win, the highest number, and was ranked at the top of the league.

The giant has overtaken these three battles.

《Chunichi vs. Hiroshima》
Sino-Japan won 10-4.
On Sino-Japan, four points were followed, and Abe's timely two bases took three points to reverse, and five times, Abe scored two points in a timely manner.
Abe played 3 hits and 4 runs, including solo No. 5.
The starting pitcher, Yamamoto, won the second victory with 2 goals in the middle of 6 times.
On Sino-Japan, we won the third consecutive race for the first time in six cards.

In Hiroshima, Kuri pitcher is in a bad condition and retreated to 3rd place.

《Yakult vs. Hanshin》
Yakult won 5 to 1.
Yakult was reversed 5 times, 0 to 1, from two outs, Nakamura player hit two points in a timely manner.
In the 7th time, we had a two-point time-out from Kawabata.
Buchanan pitcher is 4th win with 1 goal in 6 runs.

Hanshin preempted, but he couldn't take advantage of the extra points and his winning streak stopped at 5.