Suspicion of delivery of undelivered documents from the House of Councilors

Presidents of Saitama Judo Rehabilitation Association violated the Public Office Election Law, calling for a vote against two members of the Liberal Democratic Party elected in the House of Councilors election in July by handing out documents not reported to the Election Administration Committee It was found through interviews with investigators that the document was sent for suspicion.

The documents were sent by the 70-year-old chairman of the Saitama Judo Restoration Association.

According to investigators, the presidents said in July that they handed out documents that had not been reported to the Election Commission to vote for the two members of the LDP elected in Saitama constituency and proportional representatives of the Upper House election. There is a suspicion of violation of public office election law.

The handed out document seems to have been mailed to over 800 members of a political organization made up of the judo sage teacher, etc., where the president represents.

Under the Public Office Election Law, it is forbidden to distribute documents other than those reported to the Election Administration Committee to voters.

The president told NHK's interview, “I didn't recognize that it would be a violation of the election until I was pointed out by the police, but I am reflecting on it because it was true that I sent the document.”