Passenger car crashes roadside tree kills 2 people Car investigation suspected to have been in contact just before August 24th 11:34

Late in the night of 23rd, in Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture, a passenger car that collided with a roadside tree along the road burned and the two people who died were killed. This passenger car is thought to have collided with a roadside tree after coming into contact with another car, and the police are looking for the whereabouts of the car that escaped from the scene as a hit-and-run case.

Around 11:25 pm on the 23rd, in the prefectural road of Fukatsu, Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture, if a passenger car hits a roadside tree on the left side of the road and is in flames, a driver from the car driving nearby will report to the police was.

When police and fire departments rushed, two people were found dead from a passenger car.

According to the police, from the driver of the car who witnessed the scene and its drive recorder, the passenger car was running in the direction of Utsunomiya City, but it came into contact with the gray car that turned right from the opposite lane, and on the roadside tree with that momentum It means that it seems to have collided.

The site is a straight road with two lanes on one side near the Kanuma Interchange, and the car that appears to be in contact with the passenger car is running away.

The police are confirming the identities of the two deceased and searching for the whereabouts of the car that escaped as a hit-and-run case.