Aug 23 18:40 on Amazon's web service "AWS"

In the afternoon of the 23rd, a web service operated by IT giant Amazon has failed, affecting online services such as shopping for various companies.

According to the company, there was a failure at around 1 pm on the 23rd of the AWS = Amazon Web Service operated by Amazon.

AWS is a cloud service centered on enterprises, and one of the four data center groups in the Kanto region has failed.

There are hundreds of thousands of users in AWS in Japan, and the influence of obstacles has affected the online services of various companies and smartphone games.

Among them, Tokyu Hands had troubles such as temporary inaccessibility on company websites and Internet shopping sites and smartphone apps.

At UNIQLO and GU, there was a temporary problem that the app could not be opened, or even if it was opened, the user could not log in and could not purchase the product.

In addition, PayPay, which handles smartphone payments under the SoftBank Group, says that some users are unable to make payments or charge balances intermittently.

In addition, Mixi has the effect of being unable to access with SNS services.

Amazon is in a hurry to recover and says that it is gradually recovering from the evening of the 23rd.