TEPCO to sell electricity for households in Tohoku and Kyushu Intensifying competition among major players August 22 4:33

TEPCO will begin selling electric power for homes in Tohoku and Kyushu starting this month. Furthermore, there are plans to expand nationwide such as in Hokkaido, and competition across major barriers of major power companies is likely to intensify.

According to officials, TEPCO will start selling electric power for homes in the Tohoku and Kyushu regions this month.

TEPCO has already expanded into the Kansai and Chubu regions, and plans to expand sales of electricity for households nationwide, including Hokkaido and Chugoku regions.

Since the retail power liberalization was made three years ago, the entry of new businesses = new electric power has continued, and in the Tokyo metropolitan area, where TEPCO is the foundation, contract switching to new electric power has been particularly advanced .

As TEPCO is expanding nationwide, it aims to secure power supply even when customers in the Tokyo metropolitan area move to rural areas, and to aim for the development of new customers in the areas where it operates. There is.

A major electric power company has begun selling beyond the boundaries of the region, but TEPCO is expected to be the first to expand nationwide, and competition is likely to become even more intense.