Super sales in July Significant decline in clothing for the first time in about 18 years August 21:18:52

Last month's major supermarket sales fell below the same month last year for four consecutive months.
The rate of decrease was 7.1%, the first since March 2015, which has fallen significantly due to the reaction to last-minute demand accompanying the consumption tax hike.

According to the Japan Chain Store Association, last month's sales of over 10,000 major supermarkets nationwide totaled 1 trillion 7.3 billion yen. Compared with comparable stores, it was below the same month last year for 4 consecutive months. It was.

The decrease was 7.1%, the largest since March 2015, when the last-minute demand hike following the previous increase in the consumption tax rate.

In particular, the decline in apparel was 16.2%, the first decline in about 18 years, and household appliances such as food and air conditioners fell below the same month last year.

The Japan Chain Store Association has been showing a tendency toward savings among consumers before the increase in the consumption tax rate in October, in addition to the lack of sales of summer clothing due to the late rainy season. Analyzing that there is a background.

“The strict numbers reflect the chilling consumer sentiment, and the consumption tax rate will rise soon, and we expect a severe situation for the retail industry to continue,” says Japan Chain Store Association.