Change in the number of Korean tourists visiting Japan 18:47 on August 21

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, the number of Korean tourists visiting Japan has been increasing year by year.

By country and region, the number of tourists from South Korea accounts for about a quarter of foreign tourists visiting Japan, the second largest after China.

This is because Japan has become popular as a travel destination that is easy to reach.

However, since the summer of last year, earthquakes in the northern part of Osaka Prefecture and torrential rains in western Japan, etc., have continued, and the number of tourists from South Korea will increase in the months below the previous year.

Under such circumstances, although it increased by 0.9% in June, the Japanese government tightened export control to Korea last month, and in July it decreased again by 7.6%.

This decline is the second largest for Korean tourists, and it seems that the deterioration of the relations between Japan and Korea has been affected.

JR Kyushu Expressway "I want you to return to the previous usage"

The number of people who used a high-speed ship connecting Hakata and South Korea's Busan during the Bon vacation period dropped to nearly half that of last year due to the deterioration of Japan-Korea relations, especially about 7 Korean passengers. It was discounted.

According to the JR Kyushu Expressway, which operates the high-speed vessel “Beatle” that connects Hakata and Busan, the total number of people who used the 10th day of this month was 1828, a decrease of 46.6% compared to the same period last year. .

Of these, the number of Japanese passengers decreased by 32.9% to 2,633, and the number of Korean passengers decreased by 69.5% to 833.

The ratio of Koreans to passengers was 22.4%, down 16.8 points from last year.

In this regard, the company's relations with Japan and South Korea deteriorated, which greatly influenced the move to refrain from traveling not only in Korea but also in Japan. It is said that there are some effects.

JR Kyushu High-Speed ​​Ship wants to remain quiet for the time being concerning the situation related to Japan-Korea relations, and says, "I want you to return to the previous situation as soon as possible."