Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) revealed that the UAE's trade with Botswana in Africa in 2018 was AED 5.14 billion, with diamonds accounting for more than 90% of Botswana's exports to the UAE.

Dubai Chamber presented the economic scene in the Emirate of Dubai during its participation through its representative office in Mozambique at the `` Botswana World Trade Fair 2019 '' organized by the Botswana Commercial Investment Center recently, with the participation of 241 exhibitors from 13 countries.

The Dubai Chamber's booth at the exhibition won the Best International Exhibitor Award, as the stand was well received by visitors and participants to identify the investment opportunities in Dubai and the competitive advantages offered by the emirate to investors around the world, especially for traders in Botswana who want to export their products to the markets of the region.

Omar Khan, Director of External Offices at the Dubai Chamber, noted that the UAE's trade with Botswana grew from $ 500 million (AED 1.84 billion) in 2015 to $ 1.4 billion (about AED 5.14 billion) in 2018, in what Diamonds account for more than 90% of Botswana's exports to the UAE, making the country an ideal destination for re-exporting Botswana diamonds to the world.

Khan pointed out that there are additional investment opportunities in the field of meat and livestock, as these products in Botswana are characterized by high quality, with a great demand in the markets of the country and the region, revealing that «Dubai Chamber» study African markets accurately