Etisalat has announced that Burj Khalifa will cover the 5G network, which is available for use through various types of smart phones that are technically compatible with this advanced network.

Etisalat said in a statement yesterday that this achievement confirms the readiness of Etisalat's 5G network to provide customers with the services provided by 5G through the support devices available in the UAE, and enjoy a distinct customer experience. 20x faster than 4G, offers a faster 1ms response time, and a standard download speed of 1Gbps.

Etisalat said it has begun deploying more than 1,000 coverage stations this year, allowing customers to experience exceptional technology such as watching HD videos, AR and VR technologies. »AR / VR, in addition to interactive online cloud games, enabling other solutions such as automation, autonomous vehicles, advanced robots, 3D printing, and wearable technology.

Etisalat said it continues to invest in the modernization of various networks, including mobile networks, fiber-optic networks, and infrastructure development, and support them by investing in future technologies such as the 5G network.

In 2014, Etisalat launched the first phase of the first phase of testing in the region, during its participation in the Mobile World Congress. Fifth generation network on a commercial scale. Etisalat has started offering 5G services to many UAE partners to enable them to enjoy the huge potential of this network. On July 10, 2018, Expo 2020 Dubai became the first major organization in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia to receive 5G services.