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Trump hunts the British market in anticipation of a tough 'Brexit' with Brussels


Donald Trump has a plan to attract the United Kingdom to a trade agreement with the United States once he leaves the European Union without agreement on October 31.

Donald Trump has a plan to attract the United Kingdom to a trade agreement with the United States once he leaves the European Union without agreement on October 31 . The American president, who wants to take advantage of his good personal relationship with the British prime minister, intends to position himself as Boris Johnson's table of salvation while attracting a market that last year exported goods and services worth 694.760 million euros and imported another 728,690 million from the rest of the world.

John Bolton , Trump's advisor on national security matters, said earlier this week that they would "happily" endorse a non-negotiated exit and that they would immediately work with the United Kingdom to sign a trade agreement sector by sector. The priority of the Americans would be, as he transmitted, to close it as soon as possible to leave the subject tied, taking advantage of the distance that exists right now between London and Brussels to charge against the European community.

"We see a successful exit as something that is very much in line with our interests," Bolton confirmed. "That the United Kingdom succeeds in leaving the EU is a milestone for democratic mandates. The tendency in the European Union is that, when people vote badly, that is, in a way they don't want to the elites, the peasants are taken and made to vote again and again until they do it correctly. "

The counterpart that the Trump administration expects to obtain in exchange for this virtually instantaneous signing of agreements is none other than support in the crisis in Iran or the exclusion of Huawei from the British 5G network , although Bolton has assured that there is no hurry on those issues. and that the first thing would be to close a treaty for which surely not even they receive permission. The Congress of the United States has already made it clear to the president from both sides of the chamber that he will not support any possibility that could jeopardize peace in Ireland and therefore the Good Friday Agreement of which the country is supportive.

Even so, the European Union is playing in this procession that the United States has started towards the United Kingdom, a market that last year imported 728,690 million euros in goods and services, with half of them coming from the old continent. On the other hand, the 27 acquired about 46% of the 694,760 million euros that the British exported with their activity, while the Americans barely made 19%. Spain, meanwhile, exported activity to the islands worth 35,387.26 million euros while importing 19,329.84 million in goods and services.

The single market continues to be the strongest in the world, and because of the proximity and strength of the ties that bind companies on both sides of the English Channel, they never tire of asking Boris Johnson to give up his plan to reach a Brexit "in any way" and prioritize stability and certainty. The new premier, who will almost certainly face a motion of censure in the first days of September, meanwhile sighs because the division between his adversaries and to get to sign agreements with the rest of the world as soon as possible.

In the event of an un negotiated exit, the United Kingdom would lose access to the nearly 40 free trade agreements signed by the European community with more than 70 countries around the world, which means they would no longer be able to import and export goods and services for example with Canada without paying taxes in most cases.

Not only that, but the fear that exists in British industry is that the arrival of American products means a fall, for example, in food quality standards with the arrival of chlorinated chicken and genetically modified fruits and vegetables. The European Union is prohibited both practices, not so much because it considers them harmful to health but because they cause farmers and ranchers to reduce the living and hygiene conditions in which they carry out their activity.

Currently, and thanks to the efforts of former Prime Minister Theresa May at the beginning of the year, the country, which wants to replicate the EU agreements "as quickly as possible", has managed to sign with 12 countries with which it moved adding imports and exports barely 84,716 million euros in 2017.

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