Tokyo foreign exchange market yen price drop August 14 18:17

The Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 14th and the yen exchange rate dropped.

The yen exchange rate at 5:00 pm was 1.25 yen compared to 13th, and the weaker yen against the dollar was 1 dollar = 106.44 yen to 45 yen.

Compared to the 13th, the euro was 1.27 yen, and the weaker yen was 1 euro = 119 yen.

The euro was 1 euro = 1.1180 to 81 dollars against the dollar.

Market officials said, “The US dollar has been easy to sell recently due to a warning about trade friction between the US and China, but the US government announced that it would postpone additional tariffs on China for some items. The dollar has been repurchased as the alertness has eased, and investors are quite nervous about trends in the United States and China and are likely to continue to be unstable.