Beer-based beverages in July Sales declined due to bad weather 12:13 on August 14

Last month, when temperatures were lower than normal, sales volume of beer and “third beer” dropped at all major beer makers.

According to the summary of four major beer manufacturers, the sales volume of “beer-based beverages” last month, including Happoshu and “Third Beer”, which are relatively low in price for beer, compared to the same month last year, Asahi In addition to 11% decrease, Kirin decreased 9%, Sapporo 8% and Suntory 4%.

This is because last month, the temperature was lower than normal, especially in eastern Japan, and sales for restaurants and homes declined.

On the other hand, sales have been increasing since the end of the rainy season since it has become extremely hot nationwide, and each company wants to increase production of beer-based beverages and regain its decline last month.

In addition, in order to capture demand before the consumption tax rate increase in October, we will continue to increase production next month following this month, but after the tax increase, we will renew mainly “Third Beer”. Etc., and will focus on sales.