In mid-December, the US announced a 10% additional tariff, which the US foreshadowed early next month. Some items, such as mobile phones and laptops, are notable whether the US-China trade war will ease somewhat.

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The US trade representative says the USTR postpones a 10% tariff on some Chinese imports originally scheduled for September to December 15.

Tariff-deferred items include mobile phones, laptops, video game machines and PC monitors, and some toys, shoes and clothing.

That's one-quarter of the $ 300 billion worth of goods the United States professed to impose additional tariffs, the Wall Street Journal said.

The action came just minutes after China said it vigorously protested tariffs in currencies such as Deputy Prime Minister Liu He and US Representatives of Light Heizer.

[Trump US President: We had a great conversation with China yesterday. It was a very very productive currency. It seems that China wants to do something. Maybe you want to do something dramatic.]

This is interpreted as a move to reduce US consumer confusion caused by price hikes ahead of school supplies purchases and the year-end Christmas shopping season.

[Trump US President: To help many different people. I took action for the Christmas season. It is not related to the Christmas shopping season.]

Major US stock markets, including Dow Jones and Nasdaq, rebounded in anticipation that the US-China trade war would seek a compromise again.