The United States postpones the announced import tariffs on some Chinese products from 1 September to 1 December. Furthermore, some products are also removed from the list that was previously announced.

This is reported by the US representative in trade talks with China Tuesday.

On August 1, US President Donald Trump unexpectedly announced that from September 1, 300 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods would be charged an additional import rate of 10 percent.

The list of goods that will fall under this rate was previously announced on 17 May.

No rates on some goods

But now the American delegate reports that some of the products have been removed from the list for safety and health reasons, among other things. These products will ultimately not be subject to a 10 percent rate.

For another group of products, the introduction of the import levy is postponed until 1 December. This includes mobile phones, laptops, toys, computers, clothing and shoes.

Precise details of which goods are involved or how much the US imports from these goods were not provided.