• Fuel: The threat of jail of the Socialist Government slows the strike of carriers in Portugal

Portuguese soldiers were mobilized to supply the Algarve gas stations and guarantee the supply of strategic infrastructure during the second day of the strike of fuel carriers in Portugal. Tuesday was also the first day in which the civil requisition of the carriers decreed by the Government of the socialist António Costa was applied; The legal remedy obliges strikers to present themselves at their jobs or face prison sentences for disobedience, and allows the Army to be mobilized to perform the functions of absent workers.

Although the carriers responded to the civil requisition - which forced compliance with Algarve supply minimums, Portuguese airports, natural gas stations and the emergency supply network - the slow pace with which they did their job made the Executive gave the green light to the mobilization of the military , who joined the agents of the Republican National Guard and the Public Security Police who have been driving fuel trucks since Monday.

Although the civil requisition decree has allowed the restoration of a certain public order, it has also generated strong criticism of the Costa Rican government, accused of limiting the rights of striking workers.

The General Confederation of Portuguese Workers has censored the Socialist Executive for " becoming an accomplice of the employer " and positioning themselves against the fundamental rights of workers. Both the Portuguese Communist Party and the Left Bloc - the two formations of the left that support the minority Government of Costa through the parliamentary alliance known as the geringonça - questioned the measure, which they described as "wrong."

The conservative Social Democratic Center, on the other hand, applauded the decree, and said it could serve as a starting point to review all legislation related to strikes in Portugal.

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