Japan mail catalog sales also abolished this year's quota August 13 20:56

Japan Post, which has revealed unsatisfactory sales of Japan Post Insurance, which is handled by post offices, has decided to abolish this year's quota for postal catalog sales.

As for Japan Post Insurance, Japan is responsible for the sales of improper insurance such as customers who are not insured with new insurance when switching from an old contract to a new contract. In the postal service, we have been reluctant to operate insurance for the entire month and abolished the so-called quota for the sales of this year.

Japan Post decided to abolish this year's quotas for catalog sales, etc., where local products and gift items can be purchased at the post office window from next month as a top priority for Japan Post Life's customer service. , Notified to post offices nationwide on the 13th.

At the same time, it will also cease quotas for the acquisition of advertisements, such as posters posted at the post office for a fee. On the other hand, we send catalogs to guide products while considering appropriate sales activities.