The government eventually removed Japan from the list of white nations in Korea (export procedure preferential countries).

The government described the measure as part of an annual export control regime, but in fact, Japan's countermeasures against the exclusion of South Korea's white country have created a clear confrontation.

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Sung-mo Sung, in a briefing held at the Government Complex Sejong, divided the white country 'ga' into 'ga 1' and 'ga 2' in the current strategic goods export and import notice. This time, Japan, which has been left out of the white country, is classified as pseudo-2.

The Minister said, "The newly established Provisional Area 2 will include the countries that have the export control system in accordance with the principles of international export control, among the four member countries of the international export control system." Will be. "

As a result, the existing white nations in Korea were 29 countries, which joined all four international export control systems: the Wassenaar System (WA), the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), the Australian Group (AG), and the Missile Technology Control System (MTCR). Was the target, but became 28 countries excluding Japan.

As a rule, the level of export control for the provisional 2 region will be applied to the level of 'b' which is not affiliated with the 4 major export controls.

However, we will exempt some of the individual permit application documents and the strategic material brokerage permit.

Existing neighborhoods had to obtain a user export license, while my district had to obtain an individual export license.

The rest of the countries, such as North Korea (re-export via third countries) and China, belong to my region.

In general, user permission is granted to CP (Compliant Compliance Company) in the 1st District but only in exceptional cases in 2nd District.

In addition, in the case of individual export permits, the submitted documents will be more than three types of Gai 1 area and 5 kinds of Gai 2 areas, and the screening period will increase within 15 days of Gai 1 area but within 15 days of Gai 2 area. Will be applied.

Nevertheless, this process is much shorter than 90 days in Japan.

The amendment to import and export of strategic materials will be implemented in September after 20 days of opinion gathering, regulatory review, and legislative review.

Sung added, "If the Japanese government asks for consultations during the comment period, the Korean government is ready to respond anytime, anywhere."

"We have supplemented and improved our export control system once or twice a year," said Park Tae-sung, the head of the Trade and Investment Department at the ministry of industry. I changed it this time. "

If the existing system focused only on the quantitative aspects of joining the four major export control regimes, the new system further considered the qualitative aspects.

The exclusion of Japan from Korea's white country is the biggest part that undermined the basic purpose of the international export control system, such as the restriction on the export of three major items such as semiconductor materials.

In other words, this measure is apparently a qualitative complement to Korea's white country operations, but it's more likely that it would not have been implemented without Japan's export restrictions and white country exclusion policy.

The Republic of Korea declared on Monday that Japan will remove Japan from the white country after the National Assembly approved an amendment to the Export Trade Management Ordinance that would exclude South Korea from the white list.

However, the government made it clear that it would not restrict exports to Japan in the same way as targeting certain Korean products, such as semiconductors, as Japan would restrict the export of the three major items.

Park said, "It's not just the same way Japan did to us," he said. "But we will take appropriate action if we find problems in the future."

The amendment to the strategic import and export of goods was supposed to be decided at the National Inspection and Inspection Conference on August 8, but it was postponed when Japan allowed the export of photoresist for the first time among the three items.

Originally, the plan to exclude Japan from South Korea's white country was observed after taking a closer look at the situation, but it was announced three days before Liberation Day.

Our white list excludes Japan. Check out the video from SBS News, briefing by Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy.