Kind Economy Today (9th) will be with reporter Kwon Ae-ri. Today, even though the steamer is hot, is Kwon almost an expert on cheap air conditioners? What should I do for the remaining summer?


I should have told you earlier, but these days, there are so many economic issues, and this year is a bit late because it is a bit hotter than last year. Sorry.

Last year, in this friendly economy, I told you to stay cool for two or three hours when you were away from home.

A lot of people told me about email last fall.

I did as the dubious but friendly economy told me, but while you were cool, you told me a lot about the real electricity bill that was less than I thought.

Again, air conditioners that turn on and off and cost less to cool down are based on inverter air conditioners produced after 2011. That's not the case for more than 10 years of air conditioners.

And then I've been asked a lot about the system air conditioners that are just in the building. In the case of new buildings built after 2011, most of them have inverter air conditioners.

If you are unsure, please contact a management office and we will let you know.

However, no matter how hard I left the air conditioner with the cold wind, I couldn't go out. The compromise for these people is today.


Yes, I think I should listen, what is the compromise?


When you go out for a few hours, don't turn it off and leave it in tropical night mode.

This saves electricity, and as soon as you get home, you switch to normal cooling, and it's cool.

That's why inverter air conditioners don't use that much power to keep a house that's once cold.

Power is a lot of power to cool a hot house to the desired temperature, and not much to maintain a once-cooled house.

The specific amount of electricity used depends on the size of the house, the outside temperature, the temperature of the air conditioner, etc. In general, the power flow is as shown in the graph.

The power used to cool a hot house during the first 30 minutes is more than three times as much as the subsequent 30 minutes after reaching the set temperature.

The lower and colder the temperature, the greater this difference. It's time to just keep cooling.

If you have a house like this graph, you can use 100kWh of electricity a month even if you turn on the air conditioner 7-8 hours a day.

The average monthly household power consumption of four city households is about 350kWh. Even if these houses turn on the air conditioner for an additional 7-8 hours every day throughout the month, they are discounting the electricity rate progressive summer now.

It's 18,000 won a month to keep you cool. I understand the theory, but if you go out with a cold wind, you can't go out.

Then set the tropical night mode to go out with the actual power saving cooling.

The tropical night mode allows the room temperature to rise once again by 1 or 2 degrees, so the maintenance power is lower than normal cooling.

When you go home and lower it to the desired temperature, you don't have to lower it much.

However, if you are going to leave the house for 30 minutes, it is best not to leave the tropical night mode and leave.

In the case of [Static / LG Electronics Air Solution Division: Tropical Night Bedtime], the initial 30 minutes will lower the desired temperature relatively (to make it easier to fall asleep). If you put the tropical sleep mode when expected, you can expect some power savings by reducing the air volume and adjusting the desired temperature.]


Yes, because it's in tropical night mode, our house is a little weaker in wind strength. (Yes, it's right. Are you saving? That's it.


You really talk about it a lot, no.

Normal cooling mode uses less power than normal dehumidification mode. Just cool it down.

Usually the dehumidification function of the air conditioner is not for power saving. It's what makes it quick to get rid of moisture when it's really wet.

On the contrary, the power consumption of the normal dehumidification mode is slightly higher than that of normal cooling.

It's called power saving dehumidification. Instead of slow dehumidification and less dehumidification, there is a function that uses less power.

This is less power than cooling.

If the purpose is to cool, then you don't use this much, just normal cooling and normal dehumidification
Cooling mode Just use less electricity and cooler way.