The financial sustainability of mental health care (mental health care) in the Netherlands is under pressure, concludes consultancy KPMG on Thursday in an analysis of mental health care. The mental health care sector is suffering from an increasing shortage of staff and higher costs.

The staff shortage will remain the biggest challenge for healthcare in the coming years, KPMG writes. The deficit must be reduced in order to maintain the accessibility and quality of care. Due to the growing staff shortage, waiting times are increasing and the workload is increasing.

The staff shortage and all its consequences lead to higher costs, because the sickness absence increases. The costs are also rising due to an increase in administrative obligations. This puts profitability under pressure, which means that mental healthcare locations can close.

"Continuing at the current level means getting stuck, with providers possibly going bankrupt," warn the researchers at the consultancy.

"The continued pressure on budgets and the scarcity of staff clearly hold the Dutch mental health care landscape in their grasp. It seems that the larger mental health institutions in particular must provide care under great financial pressure. They are trapped in the current system of turnover ceilings and price ceilings, "writes Karin Lemmens, of KPMG in the opinion.