In July, the municipality of Amsterdam issued fines for 387,000 euros for illegal holiday rentals. The municipality reports this on Thursday.

Employees of Supervision and Enforcement are working on the street and online. They rely on reports from residents about nuisance, and also digitally check whether homes are being rented illegally.

In Amsterdam, a homeowner can now rent her or his house for 30 days a year, to a maximum of four people at a time. For this, the owner must also have permission from the VvE, if any. The rental of a home is also illegal if the holiday rental is not reported to the municipality. In addition, guests may not cause any inconvenience.

The fines vary from 6,000 euros for holiday rentals without informing the municipality, to 20,500 euros for illegal holiday rentals.

It is no coincidence that so many fines have been awarded in this summer month. "The nuisance is particularly high during the busy holiday periods, because homes are too often rented out to too many people," the municipality writes.