Tokyo Olympic Para Athletes Village Site Continuation Application Succession 71 times magnification is also August 7 15:05

Sales of condominiums built using the buildings of the Olympic and Paralympic Games next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games began in some properties last month, but the number of applications for the most popular properties has increased by a factor of 71. It was.

Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Athletes Village, which is under construction in the Harumi area of ​​Chuo-ku, Tokyo, has 23 apartments built using the buildings and surrounding land after the Games. The remainder is supplied.

Of these, some of the condominiums scheduled to be completed in 2022 after renovating the Athletes Village building started last month, and according to real estate companies, there were 1543 applications for 600 units sold, an average The magnification is 2.57 times.

The magnification is 71 times, the most popular is the top floor property of a 14-story condominium, the selling price is over 100 million yen, but the view over the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower has gained popularity about it.

The application was centered on child-rearing generations in their 30s and 40s, but more than 30% in their 50s and over, which means that they attracted a wider generation of interest compared to ordinary condominium sales.

According to each real estate company, the sales timing of other properties is undecided, and we will provide guidance sequentially.