• Airlines.Ryanair will lose 275 million euros due to the delay in the delivery of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft
  • Results: Ryanair's annual net benefits fall by 29%

The Sitclpla and USO cabin crew unions in Ryanair have called a strike for September following the intention of the low-cost airline to close the bases of Las Palmas and Tenerife South on January 8, as well as that of Girona, although this one Without an expected date.

The company and unions had met on Wednesday at the negotiating table to talk about the first collective agreement of the Irish airline, but before "the abusive behavior of this company" and "the threats of closure" the unions have called for a strike, as explained in a statement.

Both unions have assured "to be dismayed at the attitude of the company" and have added that Ryanair commits "constant abuses to his staff".

According to Sitclpla, the airline has claimed that the closure of its airports and the layoffs that this would entail is due to losses in its income statement, despite the fact that "it is a company in" constant increase in profits "and also" is in the process of recruiting staff. "

Ryanair said last week that it could cut its workforce by up to 500 pilots and 400 cabin crew due, among other factors, to the impact of Brexit, the rising cost of fuel and the delay in the delivery of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

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