Interim results for beer companies "Severe environment" Summer weather unsatisfactory and consumption tax increase August 6 19:20

A major beer maker announced that sales of its mainstay beer and soft drinks declined last month due to unseasonable summer weather at an interim settlement meeting, and the consumption tax rate was raised in October, declining the consumption tax rate. He expressed the view that the surrounding environment was severe.

Of these, Asahi Group Holdings' interim financial results up to June were lower than expected due to the sale of beer, the main product in Japan, and sales were ¥ 983.0 billion, down 2.1% from the same period last year.
Last month, the company revised its forecast for the full year down on the assumption that sales of beer and soft drinks declined due to continued low temperatures, especially in eastern Japan.
Asahi, Managing Director Satoshi Katsuki, said, “We don't look at the effects of the long rains in July and the consumption tax hike easily,” and said that the environment surrounding consumption is severe for the time being.

In addition, Suntory Holdings Co., Ltd. Soichiro Hitsuka said, “Sales in July were significantly lower than the previous year due to the rainy season, and it was a harsh environment.” Revealed.

Managing Director Hiroyuki Nose, Sapporo Beer, said that sales of beer and soft drinks were severe last month due to heavy rains and bad weather, and said, “We are on a recovery trend due to the intense heat at the moment.”

In order to raise the consumption tax rate in October, each company will focus on sales with a focus on “third beer”, which is relatively cheap and strong in sales.