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[Report file] "When I go back?" ... The worries of SME leaders in export regulation


At the beginning of last week, when I was about to decide to exclude Japan's whitelist, I had a chance to meet with a few small business leaders who had already been influenced by Japanese export regulations for about a month. And in their words, I could feel things like confidence, pride, and heat, and I could feel the tension and tremble about the unpredictable situation.

At the beginning of last week, when I was about to decide to exclude Japan's whitelist, I had a chance to meet with a few small business leaders who had already been influenced by Japanese export regulations for about a month. And in their words, I could feel things like confidence, pride, and heat, and I could feel the tension and tremble about the unpredictable situation. It is not always a journalist's job to be a journalist's work, but hearing the story of the field and all kinds of experts, and in many cases, he feels some 'insight' in the words of the reporters in that process. It seems like it was the day in the middle of the day. This is because there were many intellectual points that we have not seen before.

The place I went to was the place where Chungnam province heard the stories of the companies in the area related to the Japanese export regulation and checked the damage situation. There was a special reason for going to this place. Since July, the three regulated products have been linked to the semiconductor and display industries, as 60% of Chungnam's exports were in the semiconductor and display industries. The company that was the meeting place was also known as a company that possesses the technology to process and refine low purity hydrofluoric acid only in the country.

Among the contents of the report, I will try to put the story of the leaders of SMEs as much as possible in this report file. Fixed the awkward part of the horse to make the most of it. Although it is publicly spoken, it may be burdensome to you, so we will not disclose your company name and title directly. Also, we excluded stories that were limited to issues in the province, and put them on contents that we could think of generally. These ideas are not necessarily right, but I think it is good to see them from the point of view.
● "Better transfusion of investment funds ... asymmetric strategy should be considered"

Representative of machine manufacturer for display manufacturing

"In terms of venture capitalization, it plays a very large role, and there are a lot of actual results, too. However, most of the investments show that the private funds come in with the seed money, In the industry, most of them are venture companies like small companies based on manufacturing, but the investment ratio is only 10%. "

"One more thing, it is a symmetrical strategy that responds in many ways to the Japanese export regulations. It is limited because we are developing in Japan when we develop photoresist. Korea, too, has to worry about how to take asymmetric strategy in Chungcheongnam-do.

● "Thank you for budgeting ... if you had a little more flexibility to use"

Vice President, OLED organic materials producer

"We are a producer of OLED organic materials, with sales of about 100 billion won, the global organic material market is about 700 billion won, 170 of which are native companies of Chungnam, The third place is Germany, Japan, the United States, and the global companies, etc. It is a company that has more than 20,000 employees, and we have pride in our own, but we have a lot of other things. "

"It's a big help for us because we have a lot of budget, and now we have a good house with a lot of budget, so we worry about how well the contents and software go there. I'd like to set up a good performance and get it done. "

"In terms of the company that uses real money (when it receives the investment), there is a degree of freedom in terms of general operating expenses, but when it is a national project, there is not a lot of flexibility about equipment investment and such part. If you want to buy a piece of equipment with more than 30 million won for a certain equipment, then there is a long process of so-called deliberation. It's hard to get a real budget, but companies are trying to write about normal material costs and operating costs, and there's a little bit of a bigger investment in key equipment. I hope it's been selected and it's going well. I would like to be able to do that in a somewhat more flexible way in operation. "
● "Total material securing ... If there was a public institution to evaluate new technology line"

Leader in production and sales of LCD and OLED displays

"We are seeing that the semiconductor display is directly affected by this, and our company has recognized it as a serious crisis inside of us. We have already made a few announcements, but we are out of tough competition with Chinese companies, (SCM) supply chain management issues, which we have been able to supply for a while now, we are focusing our efforts on securing available inventory in the short term. In fact, it is not so easy to find alternatives in the mid to long term, and the background is the same, the parts are the same, the equipment is the same, Stable quality must be secured You. "

"And we can not change the parts of the materials that we use as we see the nature of the intermediate in the nature of the display, there are a lot of complicated procedures that our customers need to get approval again, so this time, We are putting a lot of effort into securing inventories because there are a lot of difficulties to replace those parts in the short term. I think it will be a great opportunity for us to help a lot on the display itself. "

"We also routinely work on parts of our partners who are evaluating the materials and parts of our suppliers, and there are a lot of difficult parts to evaluate internally, I know that the government will support this, and especially in Chungcheongnamdo, we will provide much support for establishment of the fair center. Through this process center, various new technologies including display related materials, parts, If it is evaluated and operated through the process center, then this time, there will be a test bed that can help the competition of materials, parts and equipment of Korea, We assessed that there is meaning to be made We are also internally reviewing our internally to provide support for these facilities in a way that is available to us within the range of available facilities, and now technical support. I hope that it will be a chance to overcome this crisis by cooperating with Chungcheongnam-do and the government in domestic materials, parts and equipment companies. "

● "Replacement of the material in the day, the need for sustainable support ... 52 hours a day worries"

Vice President of Display Parts R & D Producer

"In fact, the items we localize are already a little easier to do in the short term, and the items we are trying to make are very difficult, in fact, I do not look at farming, melon farming, and this is the kind of business that needs to be done for 10 years and 20 years like a tree growing business. "

"So I'm concerned about whether or not a good item will help the company within a year or two, so even if it comes to small business items, I have noticed that there have been a lot of cases in the past, and I am worried about this again. I have developed something after the Japanese incident happened. After a while, when the export regulations are released, the performance made by the small and medium enterprises will decrease in the short term and the price will be slightly higher. If you go back to your old situation, you will probably get back into Japan, and then you will be the president of the small and medium-sized enterprises who are going to localize it. "

"So it is a fact that small business owners now have the opportunity to give this opportunity even though they are now in such a dangerous situation, so if you take any action at this time, it is a small business, big business, In fact, the market size of Korea is too small, so it can not be fought in terms of economic logic, but in the case of the national economy, If it is an important item to see, if you take a little consideration, it is necessary to set the overall common goal together and push it together, which is the right way for the future. Actually, can it be that way? It's possible."

"I've been talking about 52 hours of work a while, but in fact, if I go to America or Japan, I do not have a country where the researchers have a time limit of 52 hours like this, and field workers are supposed to work for 52 hours. The researchers need to apply this part a little differently. The national competitiveness has been created. As it is now, the national competitiveness can not be elevated as it is now, and I think that if I go to China, Recently, our researchers have been getting a little bit of time, and we are warned that by Wednesday and Thursday, 'you have a few hours left to work this week' Sustainable R & D is frank I think this is a real reality, so I think I need to solve this part as soon as possible.
● "Thank you for the fast process of licensing and permitting ... If you do so in the future"

Director of Hydrogen Fluoride Refining & Production Division

"We are also building a second plant now because we have been preparing for a long time because of the production of hydrofluoric acid, so we originally planned to build it as a goal by the end of the year. I was trying to get a fairly quick schedule and trying to get it done quickly, but the biggest problem in the process was the issue of licensing. There are a lot of government licenses that can be problematic. I am very confident that I can do a lot quicker, so if you end up with some kind of evidence like this, it would be a good idea to speed up your licensing process. That can be turned right away It seems to be a part of that may be beneficial. "

"Now that you have a different problem, you have already told us about the licensing laws, but now our company is now in the process of acquiring things that are not completely in line with the licensing laws, the Coronary Law (Chemical Substance Control Act), and the Peace Law I do not mean to keep it safe, but I will proceed with the procedure, but I do not want to do it. If you solve a bit of the problem related to the speed that you can speed up quickly, there is a very advantageous aspect in our business, and if you look at semiconductors, there are many cases where timing is very important. Be competitive with Which seems to be subject to such a situation. "

● Government to put 45 trillion won against the day ... What if I go back to the origin?

The government decided yesterday to aggressively push for the government to supply 100 key strategic items within one to five years against Japanese export regulations. To this end, it announced that it will mobilize all available policy cards such as R & D support, preliminary feasibility study waiver, M & A funding, and diversification of imports, and will invest a total of 45 trillion won in budget and finance . Fortunately, many of the small business leaders mentioned above are fortunate to be included in the government's future support package. The industry's reputation as a good reflection of the voice of the scene would have come from this dimension. The important thing is how to do it in the future.

I just want to think about one thing. The immediate situation is urgent and the plan is good, but what is to be done when the situation returns to the origin. It should not be too easy to just go back to something that was not overflowing. It may be the beginning of a dispute, but we hope that the weaknesses of our industry and economy will not be the same in a year's time.

Source: sbskr

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