Emirates today released the first images of its latest Boeing 777X, which is still in production and has the world's largest GE9X jet engine from General Electric Aviation.

The 777X is the latest generation of twin-aisle aircraft from Boeing, developed on a 777 aircraft. The aircraft was launched at the Dubai Airshow in 2013 and Emirates announced the first order for 150 aircraft This model is worth AED 206 billion.
According to Boeing, the 777X will be the largest and most efficient twin-engine jet with 12 percent less fuel consumption and less operating costs than competing aircraft.

The 777-8X and 777-9X models are designed to cater to the needs of the market. The aircraft offers new growth opportunities for airlines. The 777-9X accommodates between 400 and 425 passengers with a flight range of over 14,075 kilometers.

In addition, the fourth-generation wing of the composite material on the 777X is longer than the current 777 wing wings. The wing of the swivel and folding wing, coupled with increased distance between the two wings, is more efficient and fuel efficient with full compatibility With airport gates.

The aircraft will also provide larger windows, a wider cabin, a new lighting system and a strengthened engineering structure according to Boeing.