New US sanctions will not harm the Russian financial system. That is what the Russian Finance Minister, Anton Siloeanov, said this weekend. According to him, the financial system of the Russians has proven in recent years that it can withstand external pressure.

US President Donald Trump has imposed a new set of sanctions on Russia in connection with the attempt to poison the former spy Sergey Skripal in Britain. The sanctions include that the Americans will block the extension of any loan and financial or technical assistance to Russia from international financial institutions.

Siloeanov is not that concerned: "With regard to the national debt, we are convinced that the financial system that we have created allows us to meet budgetary needs," he responds. He does not foresee any additional problems for companies either.

Tensions between the United States and Russia have been increasing recently. Washington, for example, has canceled the US-Russian disarmament treaty INF, because Trump suspects the Russians that they are not sticking to the agreements.

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