Since 2009, small and medium-sized businesses have acquired some 355,000 new businesses. Among other things, the number of vloggers and small beer brewers increased considerably, reports Statistics Netherlands (CBS) on Thursday.

At the start of the third quarter, the number of SMEs stood at 1.16 million, compared to 805,000 in 2009. That is an increase of around 44 percent.

The increase is mainly due to companies with fewer than ten employees, while the number of larger SMEs barely increased in the same period.

Social trends are clearly reflected in SMEs. Because craft beer has become more popular, the number of beer breweries has increased tenfold within a decade.

In addition, the number of filmmakers and vloggers has almost doubled, according to the CBS. The number of web stores and independent parcel deliverers also increased.

Incidentally, only companies from the so-called business economy count in the CBS measurement. This is an internationally accepted category in which, among other things, the government sector, financial services and agriculture are not counted.


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