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Amount of bill yellow vests: "There are personal distress, business failures"


Wednesday, on Europe 1, & nbsp; Damien Abad, deputy of the 5th district of Ain, president of the 'mission impact vest yellow' explained what impact the movement of & quot; yellow jackets & quot; had had on the French economy.

Wednesday, on Europe 1, Damien Abad, deputy of the 5th district of Ain, president of the 'mission impact vest yellow' explained what impact the movement of "yellow vests" had had on the French economy.


The movement of "yellow vests" had a relatively "moderate" overall impact on the French economy but resulted in "considerable" or "indelible" costs for some companies or sectors of activity, according to a parliamentary report released Tuesday. "When we look at things from a macroeconomic point of view we realize that the impact is not disastrous even if it is important", confirms Damien Abad, deputy of the 5th constituency of Ain, president of the 'mission impact yellow vest' invited Wednesday at the microphone of François Clauss on Europe 1. The global macroeconomic cost is estimated at 0.1 point of GDP in the last quarter of the year 2018, which is relatively low compared to the national wealth.

"But when you look at things from a micro-economic point of view, you see personal distress, business failures, traders who have to go out of business." Behind the statistics, there's a lot more reality dark, "he says.

"Consumption has moved from the city center to the periphery"

According to the parliamentary report, the traders were the hardest hit by the impact of the demonstrations. "We had the opportunity to make a number of trips to the big cities, we found that consumption moved from downtown to the periphery, consumers adapted to the local context and there was a loss for the downtown business, local commerce ", points Damien Abad. "That's why it's important to plan a revitalization of the city center".

"We do not blame 'yellow vests' as such"

Communities and tourism have also suffered from the violence that occurred on the sidelines of the demonstrations. "In the first quarter, there was a decline in tourist attendance of around 2.5% at the national level and nearly 5% for foreign customers," added the MP. "We have also noticed a loss in theaters, museums and a much stronger effect in the city centers in Paris and the major cities of the province, it is also the image of France who suffered", deplores the parliamentarian.

He adds, however, that he does not pass judgment on the movement of 'yellow vests' as such. "It's not a pro or anti-vests mission, we analyze the economic consequences on the sidelines of the" yellow vests. "We do not accuse the" yellow vests "as such, but it is clear that there are this economic reality of loss and costs especially for traders and craftsmen. "

Source: europe1

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