The IRS has found people who make big bucks and run out of taxes while operating entertainment businesses, loan companies, and private institutes. More and more sophisticated techniques are being used, and the IRS has decided to respond strongly.

It is the report of the reporter of Yoo.


Investigators of the National Tax Service search the seats of the owners of large entertainment establishments and find passbooks with their names.

In the warehouse, a large amount of liquor was used to manipulate sales through a separate corporation.

The National Tax Service has detected 163 people, including those who are suspected of tax evasion, illegal lenders, and high school operators.

They were found to hide high-margin sales in an increasingly tricky way.

Particularly, in the name of employees and acquaintances, the "split-up" method of reducing the income tax by dividing the shares of entertainment companies into income has been used secretly.

The lower the income, the lower the income tax rate.

Instead of hiding real books of accounts in secret places such as safes, they have been hiding in "cloud", an Internet virtual storage space.

[Lee Jun-oh / Investigation Director of National Tax Service: We actively utilize the warrant for seizure on the suspects of the name, and if the tax portal is confirmed as a result of the investigation,

The National Tax Service decided to investigate the case of tax evasion, which is a tax evasion case for the general public.

(Image coverage: Kang Yoon-koo, Image editing: Park Jin-hoon, Screen provided by National Tax Service)