On Friday with friendly economy, Economy Department reporter Han Seung-koo. A journalist. Do you know that there is so much money in mutual financial institutions like Nonghyup and Suhwa?


Yes, it is well over 300 billion won, because mutual financing is unique and different from ordinary banks.

Let's take the NACF as an example. The NH NACF, which is operated by the NACF, is the same as the ordinary commercial bank. There are unit farmers in each region.

It is about 1,300 in the whole country. There is a lot of money in the middle of farming, but farming is different from manufacturing, so it is difficult to evaluate the credit and it is not easy to borrow the bank.

So, in the same area, people who do similar things make money in the sense that they have a financial institution that makes this capital.

You can deposit as much as you would with a regular bank. If you pay a certain amount of money here, you will become a member. Depending on the size of the union, you can be a member if you are within a minimum of 30,000 won to 100,000 won.

If you are a member, you have a tax benefit. If you deposit in a bank, interest income tax is 15.4%. Mutual financial members do not pay interest income tax up to 30 million won.

So, there are those who made contributions and became union members, and those who did not go out after they left later would have 368.2 billion won in contributions or dividends to 15.54 million accounts.


Why do not you keep looking until you've accumulated so much?


I told you that I had to pay for the investment and dividend that I did not get while I quit.

Nonghyup and Suhwa should live in areas where they are engaged in agriculture, fishery, or a unit combination. They must also live in the cities, counties, and provinces where the credit unions and Saemaul coins are located.

However, when I move to another area, my membership is automatically lost due to lack of membership.

When I move out, the first contribution I made, and this will be the capital of the corresponding union, so I get dividends every year. I would like to move out after I find all of this investment and dividend, but I can not give this right away.

If it is a deposit, it will be removed immediately. The amount of income and dividends that can be returned depends on how much profit is made and how much loss is made once a year.

I can forget it because I can get it later in the future.

If the amount is large, I will forget it, but there are a lot of small amount, and I have to go to the union directly and find it.


I have noticed that the average amount of investment I have paid is 59,000 won and the dividend is 13,000 won.


Of course you should be able to find it. So, even if you do not go directly to the union, you can create a system that can search and transfer the investment and dividend from online mutual banking.

It seems like I have been telling you a long time ago that there are sites and apps called Account Info.

We have added the ability to view your bank account at once, view your card information or points at once, check if you have automatic transfers, and change your transfer card or account.

These kinds of services are gathered in account information, and mutual finance investment, dividend inquiry and transfer service are mentioned in this account information.

The time has not been decided yet, but it seems to be possible within this year. From September, I will receive the resident registration information of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

So, I would like to send some of the accounts payable at the latest address where members who have withdrawn to live.