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[Friendly Economy] Lending rate lowered from today ... Want to change?


Tuesday I will talk about a friendly economy, an economic story that will help life with Kwon Ai. As a result, the loan rate will be lowered from today. Yes, you should listen to those who have borrowed money now and consider paying a change to my loan terms.


Tuesday I will talk about a friendly economy, an economic story that will help life with Kwon Ai. The bankruptcy rate will be lowered from today (Oct 16). Is it possible for people who already have a loan to benefit?


Yes, you should listen to those who have borrowed money now and consider paying a change to my loan terms.

I have already told you that if you are planning to get a variable interest loan here a little while, and if you can postpone it a little bit, please tell me to look ahead to July.

Under the same conditions, interest will fall by 0.3 percentage point at a time. As of the beginning of this year, the household variable interest rate loan of eight banks was about 410 trillion won.

60% of the loans are borrowers whose interest rates are determined based on the basis of Koepix. This is the standard of the COPIX, among which the calculation method of the balance basis COPIX is different from today, and it is 0.3% point down.

As you can see, 1.98% from yesterday to 1.68% from today. By now. I've given you a lot of complicated words, and I'll go over a little bit about what COPIX is.

I do not have a bank since I paid. I have to pay the money to the bank, and the bank gives me the interest instead.

Interest is equal to the cost of the bank. The average of the total cost of the eight commercial banks in Korea is called "cop fix".

Koepix is ​​also divided into two, in short, the average amount of money I have spent on all the money in the banknote now.

The average cost of new money for this month is called New Kopix. It is the balance coppice that 0.3% point has been dropped from today.

By early this year, about 15% of the total household variable rate loans were borrowed from this balance-based coprocess.


So what are you talking about? 15% of existing borrowers can see interest rate cuts automatically from today?


That is not it. This new calculation is automatically applied only to new borrowers starting today. Therefore, those who have already made a loan will not be willing to change, and they will continue to pay higher interest rates than new borrowers.

From today, the cap on the balance is a little lower. When calculating the cost of a bank, it adds some of the costs that we have not included so far in the calculations.

However, existing floating rate loans will continue to be subject to interest rates that are based on existing calculations that do not add such costs in the future. So it would be advantageous to consider taking a ride. Of course, it costs money to change a loan. There is a modest redemption fee.

But if you have been in the loan for three years, you do not have it. Even after three years, the commission continues to drop for the first time in the loan.

So if you look at the loan you have left me and the commission I have to pay, and if you're willing to spend more money in the future,


I think it would be different for each family, and if the lending standards are less demanding than now, especially those who have borrowed a lot of mortgage loans may have the side effect of reducing the amount of money they can borrow to change now?


In this case, I would like to apply the looser criteria at the time I received the loan in the past if you want to receive a new balance of new cops loan at this time.

So I can borrow the money I borrowed now. However, those who receive a new loan do not recommend that you take a variable loan now because you have a variable interest rate loan standard that is more advantageous than before.

In particular, the recent reversal of the lower rate of fixed interest rates and the observation that the Bank of Korea will lower the benchmark interest rate in the foreseeable future.

Since the stable fixed interest rate is low until interest is low, people who are new will have to choose favorable ones for me.

And those who were not borrowing from the existing floating rate borrowers who were not borrowing based on balance basis would like to compare this new standard with the condition that I am receiving now and this opportunity.

However, there was a concern in the market. Cop fix is ​​standard. I think it's because of my bank credit, my credit, and so on.

So if you change the standard and the floating interest rate can be lowered at the same time, the bank might be able to add more interest rate.

On this, the financial authorities are saying that they will monitor if there is any inappropriate interest rate addition. I can see how my bank rates my interest rate, what I am adding, my statement, and we all get it.

If you have a bank and you change your loan and you say the same thing, you can take the interest rate statement and find out what you can not get for it.

Source: sbskr

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