Iran: Revolutionary Guards Strikes in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Guardians of the Iranian Revolution say this Friday, July 12, targeting "terrorists" in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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The mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan also serve as a refuge for PKK fighters (illustration). AFP PHOTO / SAFIN HAMED

The Guardians of the Iranian Revolution say this Friday, July 12, targeting " terrorists " in Iraqi Kurdistan.

For several days bombing has been going on in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, on the Iranian border. The Guardians of the Revolution have also publicly acknowledged this Friday, July 12, bombing the rear bases of Iranian Kurdish opposition movements, which they consider to be terrorists. They say they respond to an attack carried out a few days earlier by the Kurdish guerrillas against the Iranian army.

According to an English tweet from Iran's Press TV, the attacks were carried out on the Iraqi side of the border.

First released video shows IRGC forces pounding terrorists' positions in # Iraq's #Kurdistan region near the border with # Iran # IranArmy

Press TV (@PressTV) July 12, 2019

The Revolutionary Guards statement says the operation took place " along the border " in retaliation for recent Kurdish attacks that left five Pasdaran dead in western and northwestern Iran .

Frequent bombings in this area have forced many families to flee their villages in recent years. The Kurdish Iraqi mountains also serve as a refuge further west to the PKK, a Kurdish party in Turkey considered a terrorist organization by Ankara. Last month, Turkey launched a ground and air operation in Iraq's Kurdish mountains.

If the authorities of Iraqi Kurdistan condemned the bombings, they also asked the various Kurdish guerrillas not to use their territory to foment attacks. It is vital for the region to maintain good relations with its large neighbors, particularly Turkey, which is a major political and economic supporter.

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