Trade union CNV has rejected the collective labor agreement offer for the supermarket sector. According to CNV, the employers' proposal is insufficient. The supermarket collective labor agreement applies to around 140,000 employees.

"Three-quarters of our members do not see the employers' collective labor agreement offer," according to a member consultation. It is simply too low, "says CNV negotiator Jacqueline Twerda.

The current CLA expired on 1 April of this year. According to CNV, employers now offer a one-year collective labor agreement, in which wages increase by 2.5 percent in total.

"That seems reasonable, but the pay rise is much too late in the year, only in October and December," said Twerda. "If you convert that into the duration of a one-year CLA, the wage increase is less than 0.9 percent. Our members think that is really too little."

The Collective Labor Agreement for Supermarkets is the collective name for two Collective Labor Agreements: the Collective Labor Agreement for Foodstuffs Companies (LMB) and the Collective Labor Agreement for Large Food Retailers