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Kohlaususstieg: Please think, Markus Söder!


In principle, the CSU boss is right: A coal exit by 2030 is possible. Nevertheless, Markus Soder's suggestion shows that he does not understand the real problem.

If the wrong man says the right thing, you automatically tremble. If, of course, Markus Söder pleads for a coalition exit by the year 2030, then that is exactly the case. After all, the man is not only the Bavarian prime minister, but also the head of the CSU, which until now blocked a quick eco-trend in Berlin, where it is possible.

Now the CSU has always been good at being in government and playing opposition at the same time. You could dismiss the remark as a skilful attempt to appear a bit green, so that the misery of the black and red climate policy does not rub off quite so. But Soder's comment is interesting. Because it shows how helpless and haphazard the leaders of the ruling parties are currently in climate policy.

Since the CDU does not know whether they want a CO2 tax or rather the emissions trading (she had only 14 years of government to think about it). Although the SPD is no longer leaving its environment minister in the rain, he prefers to talk about finding new bosses rather than fighting the climate change. And the CSU behaves as destructively as ever.

At the same time, however, one also senses in the Groko that one simply can not get away with ducking because the pressure from the population increases with every degree of the outside temperature. And because it is becoming clearer: the longer this summer stays hot, the more likely a hot political autumn will be.

The record temperatures are frightening

The Fridays for Future children are more active than ever and are already planning the next big demonstration in September. From week to week, other groups are organizing and the sympathy for the protest is growing. If even the head of the farmers' association declares his willingness to talk to environmental groups, that certainly does not make him a green person or a climate protector and it is not yet the first step into the agricultural change. But it shows that even in the associations for which, over a long period of time, everything was green just before purgatory, reality slowly seeps into consciousness. And that is sad. The summer record temperatures that we were all looking forward to a few years ago are not just causing more and more damage - they are simply frightening.

It is said that fear is a bad adviser. But if the fear of climate change now motivates associations and politicians to re-analyze reality, and then come to more realistic conclusions and more sustainable policies, fear can be helpful. Which leads back to Söder.

Although the Bavarian CSU boss is right, if he considers a faster coalition exit possible. Enough serious studies prove that this is possible. But Soder's remark also shows that he has not yet grasped the real challenge. Because if he was honest, if he wanted to change something seriously, then he should talk better about the economy of his state and how could do more against climate change.

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Instead, the Bayer hopes that by a faster coal exit the pressure on the important for his state industries weaning on the agriculture and the auto industry, according to the motto: If the East Germans but quickly shut down a few more coal plants, then the internal combustion engines Cars have to be produced for a while longer and agriculture does not need to reduce its CO2 emissions too quickly. That in Bavaria everything stays as it is.

But that's the wrong approach. Because if Germany wants to become CO2-neutral by 2050 - and it has to - it means that every industry, every company and every household has to change and start saving CO2 today. Only then can Bavaria stay as beautiful and healthy as it was in its good years.

Economic program for the AfD

For this to happen, however, a wet-research thriller à la Söder is just the wrong tactic. For the only ensures that in Brandenburg and Saxony, the confidence of the people who still live on the coal, on a socially acceptable exit completely disappears and that they vote in the state elections in the autumn, the protest. In other words, whoever talks like Söder operates a stimulus program for the AfD.

Again: Yes, the coal exit is possible until 2030. But he will only be fine if connected to a program to rebuild the country. That's why it will be after the hot summer at the latest, that this coalition not only finally presents its law on coal exit, but also presented a credible, ambitious and feasible way for the exit of the entire country from the CO2 economy. And that she no longer rescues from headline to headline with half-baked suggestions, to cover up that she simply has no plan.

It's stupid to think about this heat. But the Groko should do just that. And Mr. Söder too.

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