The Netherlands is in fourth place in Europe when it comes to investments from abroad. Only the United Kingdom, Germany and France are more popular, according to the preliminary Global Location Trends report from IBM on Thursday.

In 2018, 396 foreign investment projects were won in the Netherlands, creating an estimated 9,500 jobs. 75 percent of the foreign investments went to the west of the country.

According to Roel Spee from IBM, it is no wonder that our country is doing well: "The Netherlands has good universities, is easily accessible in logistics and has a leading IT infrastructure."

The ICT sector in particular benefits: more than one in four of the investment projects were in this sector, which would involve 2,737 jobs. This gives the sector a major boost.

Investments from the UK and China are increasing

The parties that invest money in the Netherlands still mainly come from the United States. The US also provides most jobs in the Netherlands.

The United Kingdom climbs to second place, with financial services organizations in particular choosing the Netherlands as a new country of residence. The importance of Germany is decreasing, while China is gradually investing more.

In 2017, slightly more projects were won in the Netherlands: 1.5 percent more to be precise. Job growth also declined slightly in 2018. Growth in logistics and business services slowed down slightly, by 27 and 21 percent respectively.