Yemen: Loyalists and rebels attempt to resume dialogue in Sweden

A & nbsp; opportunity & oacute; single & nbsp; & raquo; for peace in Yemen, it is in these terms that UN Commissioner Martin Griffiths has qualified as the "peacekeeper". the consultations that start this Thursday in Stockholm ...

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A member of the delegation hastened to the Sanaa airport, leaving for Sweden REUTERS / Mohamed al-Sayaghi

A "unique opportunity" for peace in Yemen is how UN envoy Martin Griffiths described the consultations that begin this Thursday near Stockholm, Sweden. Since the beginning of the military intervention of the coalition commanded by Saudi Arabia in 2016, the previous peace efforts have all failed and the conflict in this poor country is causing a profound humanitarian catastrophe. In recent days, the two rival loyalist and rebel camps have raised the pressure.

Houthi rebels in Yemen must withdraw completely from the port city of Hodeida , this is the requirement formulated Thursday morning by the Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs who leads the loyalist delegation, present in Sweden for these peace talks . Hodeida, strategic city since it is through its port that the humanitarian aid passes but also the imports intended for the population of the country.

Prison Exchange Agreement

At the same time, a senior official of the Yemeni Houthi rebellion reiterated his demand for a resumption of civilian air traffic at the Sanaa airport (the rebel-controlled capital of Yemen). A threat claim: to prevent UN aircraft from using the airport.

These messages speak volumes about the difficulty of Martin Griffiths' task . The UN special envoy for Yemen has a delicate mission to establish dialogue between the two camps.

The belligerents still took action before flying to Sweden as wounded rebels were evacuated in recent days and a prisoner swap deal was struck.


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