Warning strikes on Friday: Ver.di wants to block Berlin transport

Subways, trams, buses: On Friday, "all areas" of Berlin's public transport will be taken. The union Ver.di wants to put pressure on collective bargaining and announces "significant disabilities".

At the Berlin public transport companies (BVG) it should come on Friday to comprehensive warning strikes. From the start of operations at 3.30 clock to 12.00 clock, the employees are to resign from the work, said a spokesman for the union Ver.di. It is to be reckoned with "significant disabilities" in local traffic. Affected are the subway, trams and city buses in Berlin.

In the current collective bargaining round at the national company Ver.di wants to increase the pressure on employers. In the collective bargaining bargaining for around 14,000 employees of the BVG and its subsidiary Berlin Transport, the union demands a 36.5-hour week and Christmas bonus for all, as well as changes to the pay table and a one-time payment of 500 euros for union members.

Representatives of the Municipal Employers Association and the union continued their collective bargaining on Monday. The association did not submit a concrete offer in the second round, as Ver.di had demanded. Instead, workgroups have been proposed for specific topics.

The negotiator of the employer, Claudia Pfeiffer, described the demands as unworkable. "The ideas of the collective bargaining parties are currently far apart." The next hearing is scheduled for 5 March.

In addition to the several-hour warning strikes on Friday morning, a rally is planned in front of the BVG headquarters in Berlin-Mitte. Verdi expects around 3000 people.

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