Up to 30 ~ 40% rise in popularity apartment announcement of 'reconstruction of Gangnam · Majongseong'

The Seoul apartment price has risen sharply for the second consecutive year since last year, and housing sales in some housing complexes have risen by 30-40 percent. It reflects the government's willingness to declare "I will reflect the increase in the market price in the published price" last year.

The Seoul apartment price has risen sharply for the second consecutive year since last year, and housing sales in some housing complexes have risen by 30-40 percent.

It reflects the government's willingness to declare "I will reflect the increase in the market price in the published price" last year.

However, as the price of housing has recently been lowered and the price of the house has been raised, the appeal of the residents seems to be higher than usual.
● Expansion of apartment prices

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOTTO) released on the 14th of this year, the prices of apartment complexes with large sales increases last year were 30-40%.

The increase in the announced price was mainly due to the new apartment complexes with high demand, which are equipped with new reconstruction projects and local development projects.

In the case of 52.74㎡ of exclusive use of the 8th car in Jamwon-gu, Jamwon-gu, the announced price surged 41.5% from 656 million won last year to 928 million won (based on the royalties) this year.

This apartment belongs to the Sinbangpo 4th district integrated reconstruction complex, and the rebuilding project was promoted.

According to Real Estate Tech, operated by the Korea Appraisers, the average price of the apartments as of the end of last year, when the quoted prices were quoted, rose by 37 percent from 1.10 billion won at the end of 2017 to 1.38 billion won.

According to the survey of real estate 114, the average price as of the end of last year was 1,450 million won, up 48% from the end of last year.

The apartment market is still strong, with prices in the range of 1.3 billion to 1.47 billion won.

According to the system, according to the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, the third floor was sold for 1.6 billion won in early January of this year after trading at 1.477 billion won in mid-November.

The announced price of 141.53 square meters for this large apartment type residential building rose by 27.65 percent from 1.36 billion won last year to 1.73 billion won.

The 49.68㎡ dedicated to the Suseo 1 complex in Ilwon-dong, Gangnam-gu, which is undergoing reconstruction, posted a yearly price of 533 million won, up 26.1 percent from last year's (420 million won).

At the end of last year of this apartment, the market is jagged every research institute.

On the real estate 114 basis, the average was 970 million won, up 53.5% from the end of the previous year.

The announcement price of 84.88㎡ for Godeok-dong Godeok-dong Gadeok-dong Gangdong-gu was 227,000 won and the official price of 97.26㎡ increased from 656 million won last year to 690 million won this year from 655 million won last year It increased by 35.37% to 888 million won.

The apartment, which started moving in March 2017, is a large-scale complex of 3,668 households. As a landmark complex, the price of the apartment has jumped by 25 ~ 45% last year.

Gangnam-gu Gapo-dong, Gap-dong, Gangnam-gu High-rise 7-block complex, which has been rebuilt, has risen 28.99% from 537.6million won last year to 687million won last year, This year, it has risen 18.42% to 1.08 billion won, exceeding 1 billion won from 912 million won.

The official price of 84.47m2 for Banco-dong Acro River Park, which attracted attention for the "100million won per 3.3m2 last year," rose 15.43% from 1,504million won last year to 1,730million won this year.

Real Estate 114 Real Estate Price The average price of apartments in this apartment at the end of last year was 24 billion won, an average of 2.7 billion won.

Rather, the price of the super high-priced complex was raised to 'squeeze' this year.

Among the high-priced houses within the top 10 of the top 10 listed prices, such as Seocho-dong Traum House 5, Seocho-gu Seocho-dong Hannah-dong, Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong, Cheongdam Mart Hills West Wing, Samsung-dong Ritzville Kailroom, Except for House (9.06%), the rate of increase is less than 6% this year.

According to an official from the Ministry of Land, "Unlike a single-family house, the price of real estate has increased in the past one to two years, and there is no real transaction, so it's not easy to figure out the right price. .
● I want to go to the ... Only 84㎡ dedicated to '900 million yuan'

Gangbuk is more prominent than Gangnam this year.

The increase in the price of land in Dong-taeung-gu, Donggu-gu, and Yeong-gu, as well as the 'Ma-Yong-Sung' area, such as Mapo, Yongsan and Seongdong-gu which led to the rise in house prices in Gangbuk area last year,

The registered price of 59.55㎡ for Sangcheon-dong, Sangcheon-dong, Yangcheon-dong, Seoul surged 37.15% from 358 million won last year to 391 million won for this year, and 84.98㎡ from 551 million won to 588 million won It was 30.38% in the won.

This apartment was sold 50% for one year last year thanks to the plan to establish the Yongsan master plan development plan for the city of Seoul.

Gangbuk area's publicity price is big, and the public price of 84 square meters of private apartments in popular areas such as Mapo, Yongsan, Seongdong, Dongji district is close to 900 million won.

Even if a house price is slightly higher than now, even if it owns only one apartment of a national house size scale, it is a subject of the land tax.

The price of 84.84m2 for the Hwangseok-dong Haengang Centreville area is expected to reach 990mn won by 34.6% from 843mn won last year to 844mn won from 630mn last year.

The announcement price of 84.89㎡ for Mapo Rahmyunggi is only 848 million won, which is 25.82% higher than last year's (674 million won), and the entry of high-priced housing is imminent.

The Mokdong New City 7 complex was difficult to reconstruct, but the announced price of 66.6 square meters of small size this year has reached 906 million won, nearly 20% more than last year, reaching 900 million won.

High-priced apartments such as Seongdong-gu Seongdong-tramaje opened an era of "1 billion units", with the announcement price of 69.72 square meters of private area recording 1144 million won, 24.43 percent more than last year's (888 million won) .
● "House prices have fallen" seems to be a lot of objection ... Government "price decline reflected next year"

In the place where the published price has been increased a lot, the burden of the holding tax increases.

In particular, there will be a lot of housing complexes in the Gangbuk area, such as Gangnam and Gangbuk province, where the increase in the announced price is big this year.

With the announcement price of 84 square meters dedicated to Mapo Ramanian Prugio and the Hebei Hangang Centreville, the tax burden is not burdened by the announcement price of 800 million won this year, but the property tax will rise to the upper limit of 30 percent, from 2 million to 227 thousand won this year, from 158 thousand to 1.75 million won. .

With 69.72 sq. M. For Gyeongsangbuk-do, which is 1.1 million won more than the official price of 1.1 billion won this year, the holding tax will fall from 2.54 million won last year to 3.82 million won this year.

According to Woo Jong-hoon, head of tax accountant at Kookmin Bank, "The ceiling of the tax burden of less than KRW 600 million is 5 to 10 percent lower than the ceiling price of 600 million won, but it exceeds 600 million won. It may be a burden for households that do not have a lot of income. "

Kim Jong-pil, a tax accountant, said, "For tax-free housing prices of less than KRW 0.6 billion held before the September 13th measures last year, the number of multi-lenders who register for leasing companies will increase until the end of April, Said.

Some say that the recent home prices have turned weak, but there is also a hint of whether or not the increase in the announced price is big.

According to the Korean appraisal agency, Seoul apartment prices have been falling for 18 consecutive weeks due to the impact of the September 13 real estate measures.

A representative of a brokerage firm in Gokdong-gu, Gangdong-gu said, "Although the decline is still low compared to last year's price increase, the housing price is falling, so the increase in the feeling will be felt larger.

However, the government announced that this year's announcement price will be based on the market price as of December 1 of this year and it can not reflect the fall in prices in January or February this year.

An official at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said, "Just as the rise in the price of the house is reflected in the next year's rise in the price of the house, the annual rate of change in the price, including the price drop since January of this year, will be reflected in the January 1 announcement price."

It is pointed out that it is necessary to raise the announced price.

Kim Seong-dal, the director of the real estate and government project supervision team, said, "It is desirable to accurately calculate the official price according to actual price fluctuations regardless of the region, purpose, or price range." The realization rate is raised to 80% We should have looked for other ways to reduce tax burden. "

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