Mediator: Lyft wants to go public in 2019

The Uber competitor Lyft is serious about its plans for an IPO. The volume of the IPO is estimated at $ 15 billion - a breeze compared to the controversial rival.

The US travel agent Lyft strives for the next year on the stock market. The company filed its first confidential documents.

The number of shares to be offered and their price range were not yet determined, said the competitor of the controversial driving service Uber in San Francisco. The US Securities and Exchange Commission must examine the documents first, before an IPO could take place depending on the market environment.

Insiders expect in the first half of the year with the commercial start of the valued at about 15 billion dollars company. The planned IPO of Uber, the dimensions are quite different: The industry leader could come to a valuation of up to 120 billion dollars.

If this value were actually achieved, it would be the largest IPO of any time of a technology company. Uber would then be worth more than the three car companies General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler put together.

Concentration on the US market

Lyft has been on the market since 2012, three years younger than Uber. The company focuses primarily on the North American market, unlike Uber.

According to insiders, the Bloomberg news agency reported back in October that participating banks had promoted investors to Lyft for an overall valuation of US $ 18 to 30 billion. An IPO could therefore take place in March or April.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Lyft increased its revenue year-over-year by 88 percent to $ 563 million, down $ 254 million.