Better working conditions in the EU: Truck drivers should no longer sleep in trucks

Fairer wages, shorter tours and overnight stays in hotels instead of trucks: EU transport ministers have agreed to improve the working conditions of truck drivers in Europe.

Better social standards for truck drivers should apply in EU countries. This is what the EU Transport Ministers agreed on.

The working conditions of the truck drivers are to be improved by the following points:

  • For equal work in the same place equal pay should apply.
  • The drivers should not be allowed to spend the night in their cabs. The intention is to oblige the hauliers to pay for their drivers.
  • Motorists should travel a maximum of four weeks at a time in Europe. Currently, drivers sometimes have to complete longer tours without returning home.

The agreement was announced by Austria's Transport Minister Norbert Hofer. Austria currently holds the presidency of the EU member states. Now an agreement with the European Parliament has to be found before the changes can come into force.

Among other things, the decision of the transport ministers should make wage dumping more difficult. The living and working conditions of about two million drivers in Europe would be improved, Hofer said. The grievances on crowded highway parking lots would therefore also eliminated.

Western European countries in particular have been complaining for quite some time that social transport and unfair competition prevailed in the transport industry. France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden joined forces with Germany last year to tackle it.