50-pence coin: British government commemorates commemorative coin with false Brexit date

As if there were not already enough Brexit mishaps: Britain has made a 50-pence coin, which marks the 29th of March as the date for leaving the EU. The culprit takes refuge in Galgenhumor.

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Britain's Finance Minister Philip Hammond wanted to do everything right. As early as the autumn of last year, he announced that just in time for the country's withdrawal from the EU, Royal Mint, the Royal Mint, will be producing a 50-pence coin with the date of Brexit - the 29th of March. He fulfilled a demand of right-wing hardliners and the tabloid press.

Now the coin is there - but not a time for Brexit: While numerous copies of the seven-cornered coin have already come from the press, London has asked the EU to postpone its withdrawal. Prime Minister Theresa May, her ministers and members of parliament continue to wrestle with the form and timing of the withdrawal or even question him.

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Mass demonstration in London: you want to stay!

"This carver is a great embarrassment to the Ministry of Finance," writes the newspaper Sun. The newspaper had hailed the coin a few months ago as a "boost for Brexit".

This hope put into them obviously did not fulfill the coin. Meanwhile, the question is whether the copies produced must be melted down - which would surely be a fatal symbol for Brexit fans. Finance Minister Hammond is apparently against and takes the breakdown sporty. "These coins will have a great collector's value." For normal payments they were not provided anyway.

Labor opposition mocks

Mockingly, the opposition Labor Party responded to the posse. "Is that what the Finance Minister means when he says we're regaining control of our money with Brexit?" Said MP Mary Creagh. The incident symbolizes the British government's failure in Brexit.

Other Britons take the matter with humor. On the short message service Twitter meanwhile circulate fun versions of the coin, on which Queen Elizabeth II puzzled at the head.


New 50p #Brexit coin from the Royal Mint:) # CoinCollecting #CoinCollection #CollectingCoins pic.twitter.com/JTZMKKRjXX

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Hammond has already promised a coin with the correct Brexit date. How long collectors have to wait is not really foreseeable. However, the coming week could again show whether the coins are ever coined.

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