Elementary Particles: Sleep disorders are worse for young people than bullying

In my children's elementary school there is a pretty strict ban on sweets, there is a school fruit program, a "busy break" and sports clubs. After the fourth grade, there is a lot of drug prevention. German schools take the ...

In my children's elementary school there is a pretty strict ban on sweets, there is a school fruit program, a "busy break" and sports clubs. After the fourth grade, there is a lot of drug prevention. German schools take health education seriously.

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But another topic is completely ignored: how important restorative and adequate sleep for healthy development is. On the contrary: it is almost always expected that the children can live up to their misery in the same way as adults. Until one or two o'clock at night. At the reading night, the gym night, the school trip, the mathe- matymade.

A real excitement at the parents' evening was that a child had brought a piece of cake as a sandwich. Sure, sugar is really unhealthy. But when, after the class trip, the ten-year-olds stumbled out of the bus like zombies, no one complained.

Unfortunately, the importance of sleep for the health of children and adolescents in particular is underestimated.

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Today, every fifth to sixth school child in Germany suffers from sleep disorders. Studies show that lack of sleep increases the risk of being overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and depression, that it weakens the immune system and leads to increased mortality. In children, too little sleep can also trigger ADHD-like symptoms and school problems. In addition, sleep disorders rarely grow, but are usually worse in adolescence. Lack of sleep, as shown by a study in the "British Medical Journal Peadiatrics Open" (here the PDF) affects the mental health of adolescents even more than bullying.

In the UK, the subject of sleep is now the subject of instruction.

What a great idea!

In my opinion, I would also like to have chair circle discussions about the best sleep tricks in Germany. Stations work on the importance of sleep for health. Sachunterricht about dreaming.

Because I'm sure: measures such as cell phone limitation and fresh air also help against sleep problems. But above all, it's time we finally took the topic seriously.


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