Michael van Gerwen doubts whether Raymond van Barneveld will succeed in returning as a professional darter.

The Brabant number one in the world believes that the resident of The Hague has not done well to announce his return on Wednesday.

"The flag can be raised again ... No, what should I think about it? I would have done it differently. I just registered myself shortly before the start of Q-School and then let all the fanfare come over me afterwards. He explains. now put himself under so much pressure again ", says Van Gerwen in conversation with NU.nl.

Van Barneveld already announced in November 2018 that he would retire after the World Cup at the end of last year.

He will therefore return to that decision after nine months, but in order to actually be able to return to Q-School in January, he has to conquer a Tour card from the PDC.

"I'm actually not that surprised. This is typical Raymond. You have noticed recently that he did not really support his farewell, apparently he hasn't thought about it long enough. Who knows, maybe I will go with him sooner. retirement ”, laughs Van Gerwen.

Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld celebrate the 2018 World Cup of Darts together. (Photo: PDC / Kelly Deckers)

'I will have to meet him on the beach'

Van Barneveld will immediately join Team Benji, where he will train with Jeffrey de Zwaan.

He also gets a new manager.

Ben de Kok, who previously had Van Barneveld under his wing, takes over the tasks from Jaco van Bodegom and the former already announced to RTL7 that the new "bullshit" is finished.

"Raymond certainly has qualities, but the question is whether he can still handle it mentally. Of course he has a new girlfriend and is completely in love. Then you can see things a bit more rosy, but Barnsley remains Barnsley. He did not want to die there at first. are found, "said Van Gerwen.

"That's why I don't dare to say whether Raymond will make it, also given the high level of competition. He will have to shift up a bit anyway, but I heard Ben shout that he will go for a walk on the beach every morning. have to run into him. "

"This is good news for the sport, but the fans who attended Raymond's farewell evening may well feel ripped off. A lot of people shed a tear and now he is suddenly back. But he has to do what he feels good. feels. "

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